How To Create Website With Android Phone.

Creating website with Android phone is now easy with Samora Bot. Install Samora Bot from Play Store and start creating amazing websites yourself.

This tutorial will teach you how to create website using Samora Bot. 


  1. Samora Bot
  2. Android phone with v7.0 or higher, 
  3. Internet Connection, 

Install Samora Bot here:


1. After opening Samora Bot, click on Free Website Builder

Samora Bot is a pure chatbot which you need to enter query or number before it can perform a function. Type 1 to create a website, 2 to login to website you have already created before.

After typing 1, Samora will ask some questions about website you wish to create and show below after successful website creation.

Samora will show you three links which were circled above.

First link will take you to your website, second link will take you to your Website Manager (where you will design your website to your taste) and third link will take you to custom domain in case you want to use a particular domain for your website. E.g, e.t.c

Samora Bot can create any of below websites:

- VTU Website

- Landing Page

- Website Builder Platform

- Online Store Website

- Logistics Website

- Online School Website

- Business Website

- Photography Website

- Laundry and Cleaning Website

- Hotel Website

- Restaurant Website

- Church Website

- Fashion Design Website

- Beauty Salon Website

- Personal Website

- Portfolio Website

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