NATASHA (Full Story)

Natasha is a story concerning a boy Johnbull who came from a poor background, he fell in love with a girl kelly which turn out to be a night mare.. On gaining admission to the university he met this wonderful angel Natasha. Do you think its gonna work?? Find out your self <br>main characte


Natasha is a story concerning a boy johnbull who came from a poor back ground, he fell in love with a girl kelly which turn out to be a night mare.. On gaining admission to the university he met this wonderful angel Natasha. Do you think its gonna work?? Find out your self
main characters
. Adams Johnbull
Eze Chinedu
Mrs Adams
NATASHA_(the wonder girl)
Senator Johnson
Mrs johnson
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Episode 1 (S01)

I was in a deep slumber when I heard some one ranting like a mad dog outside. Immediately I went outside and it was mama Nkechi
Me: good afternoon ma plz who are u looking for
Mama Nkechi: where is that your stupid mother that refuse to pay me my money
My mother rushed out from the house immediately
Mrs adams: mama Nkechi hope all is well this one u came to my house today
Mama nkechi: you this woman where is my 8 thousand naira
Mrs Adams: haba!! Mama Nkechi I told you that I will give you the money when I have it
Mama Nkechi: you know I am from Nnewi and we don’t play with money I am going no where without my money today
Me: mama Nkechi my mother said she will pay you when she have the money
Mama Nkechi kept on shouting and barking until she drew the attention of the neighbors
Landlord: what is happening here??
Mama Nkechi: this your useless tenant refuse to pay me my money that she borrowed
Neighbor3: na why you dey disturb me
Neighbor2: so na because of money you no want make I enjoy my bae
Landlord: how much are we talking about here?
Mama Nkechi: 8 thousand naira
Neighbors: chicken change
Neighbor5_pastor: mama Nkechi pls don’t be annoyed give mama johnbull a little more time maybe 2 weeks by the grace of God I believe she will pay up
Landlord: yes I agree with you pastor pls Mama Nkechi..
Mama Nkechi: thank your stars mama johnbull if not I could have delt with you today
Me: thank you mama Nkechi
Our neighbors went angrily into there various apartment including the Landlord….. Mama Nkechi happen to be a woman selling food in our street… My mother borrowed 8 thousand from her to pay my school fees… My name is johnbull the only child of my parents, my father die when I was 8 since then me and my mother has been managing. Eating 2 square meal is a big thing in my family. My mother sells tomato and pepper in the market.. I am a student of babisky high school in ss3 precisely to round it up I am a labour prefect.

Episode 2 (S01)

****Sunday morning****
I woke up very weak and tired because I did not eat last night before sleeping. In no time, I took my bath, brush my teeth., wore the best clothe I have and was ready for church. I left the house leaving my mother alone. My church is st John Anglican Church which was not far from my house. After few minutes of trekking I arrived at my destination. I entered the church auditorium which was crowded with so many people. I sighted my friend chinedu and I went to meet him luckily for me there was a seat close to him I sat immediately and we started discussing
Chinedu: how far my man
Me: guy I dey oo
Chinedu: see as you just fresh
(see this one oo fresh for hunger)
Me: na so we see am
Chinedu: this one u day talk like this wetin happen
Me.: I never chop since yesterday
Chinedu: na me u dey wine
Me: serious
Chinedu: ehyaa sorry my guy no wori u go follow me go my house after church make u chop some thing but u go help me do my chemistry assignment oo
Me: no p I go do am
We finished our discussion and payed attention to the vicker .. Few hours later the mass was over then we started going home… In no time, we got to chinedu’s house..
I sat comfortably on his sofa which made me felt I was on a ballon(no blame me oo cus for my house we no get so talk less of sofa) minutes later chinedu came out and directed me to the dinning (sorry for not telling you chinedu is my class mate and also my friend he is from a rich family his father is one of the authorities in babisky high school) I sat in the dinning behold what was looking at me was a plate of fried rice, salad and chicken with chilled fruit juice. I started eating immediately without even praying . Suddenly a beautiful angel amaka joined us in the dinning
Me:I paused (in my mind) na which kind thing be dis see as this girl wan spoil my show…….TBC

Episode 3 (S01)

I was rushing my food before amaka joined us. (You know as a guy u need to behave your self
When u are with a girl.) I started eating slowly like a gentle guy. Chinedu noticed it and asked if I was alright… After the meal we decided to play a little game before helping Chinedu in his assignment. We played ludo and woth for about 20 minutes before I told Chinedu to bring his assignment. The assignment took me not less than 10 minutes and I was through.. Amaka Chinedu’s sister who attends fountain land snr college she is in ss1, she is beautiful, tall and good looking ( I dey eye her small small). We were all discussing and laughing when Chinedu’s dad came in.
We: good afternoon sir
Dad: how are you doing??
We: fine sir
Dad: Chinedu who is this young man
Chinedu: he is my classmate he came visiting after church
Dad: that’s no problem hope you have given him something to eat Amaka: yes dad
Dad: OK feel free boy
Me: thank you sir
After few minutes of discussing I decided to go home to prepare for school the next day. I waved amaka bye she also waved back at me. Chinedu escorted me to the gate before we exchanged good bye greetings… I trekked on the dusty road which lead to my house. Immediately I got home my mother handed me over 120 naira, she said that she went to do some cleaning in mr coca’s house ( chair man of our street) down the street and she was paid 420 naira. I felt pity for her my eyes were filled with tears. I composed my self and hugged her. She asked me if I have eaten, I told her I ate in Chinedu’s house. We discussed a little more before I decided to sleep a little
****Monday morning****
I woke up refreshed, I said my prayer, helped my mom in cleaning our one room apartment few minutes later I was ready for school. My mom gave me 50 naira to eat in school, I dashed off to school happily( thank God I see money today) on getting to the school they have started assembly. I sneaked in immediately so that the principal Mr Udoh will not see me and query me for coming late as a labor prefect. I tooked my position in the assembly ground suddenly I heard my name Johnbull!! I looked to the direction of the sound and it was mr udoh……. TBC….

Episode 4 (S01)

I went to meet the principal immediately(with my heart pounding)
Me: Good morning sir(stammering)
Mr Udoh: John how are you
Me: am fine sir
Mr Udoh: good if you can see the school compound is very dirty and I need you to get some late comers to clean it up
Me: no problem sir I will do that immediately
I went back to my duty post which was the school gate. At the end of the assembly there was already 15 late comers kneeling down. I divided them into various groups such as sweeping cleaning and packing. When they were through they all went to there various classes while I find my way to my class. When I enter my class our chemistry teacher mrs loris was in the class marking our assignment. I went to my bag brought out my assignment and submit it to her. Few minutes later she finished with the assignment
Mrs loris: class all stand. If you here your name come out Eze Chinedu, nnaji Hanna,and Adams Johnbull.
We all came out Chinedu was a bit scared but I understood what was going on
Mrs loris: so out of all the 25 chemistry students in this class only this three students got my assignment right. Minus 5 marks in your test for those of you that failed. Sit down, three of you go back to your seat.. Chinedu was so happy and gave me so many thumb up. After the chemistry class we had English and econs before we went for break. After the break the principal summoned all ss3 students telling us that our mock exam will be in too weeks time, we thanked him and went back to our class.. After so many academic work in school We heard the bell and it was closing time, I and Chinedu started going. Not up to 20 meters work I heard my name from behind, I looked back and it was Kelly one of the beautiful girls in my class I waited for her to come close
Kelly: sorry for disturbing you. Plz can u come to my house today to teach me organic chemistry and wave particles in physics
Chinedu: can’t you not go to his house must he come to your house
Me: nooo don’t worry I will come this evening
Kelly; thanks dear am expecting you
She left us while we continue walking home
Chinedu: just be careful I don’t trust that girl
Me: I will
We continue gisting until we took different road leading to our various houses…………. TBC..

Episode 5 (S01)

When I got home my mom was not around I quickly soaked Garri because hunger dey wire me. When I finished eating I heard someone calling my name, I went outside and it was aunty vero the wife of our neighbor living opposite our apartment
Aunty vero : johnbull abeg come help me on my gen e no gree start
Me: OK make we go
We went to the place the gen was, I switched on the switch , on the fuel tap and changed the choke. I pulled the starter rope 3 times and the gen answered
Aunty vero: thank you are, you are a darling
Me: in my mind(naso you no get power self na only shakara you sabi) no problem I will be going now.
Aunty vero; bye bye go well.
I dashed out of the compound very fast to meet up with kelly when I suddenly hit shade face to face who was running into the compound and her bouncing boobs threw me on the floor( no call me bad boy)
Shade; johnbull or whatever they call you can’t you see I was coming or are u blind
Me:(still sitting on the floor) I was on a motion too how will I see you
Shade: mtcheew stupid boy
She left me there on the floor and entered the building. I stood up, dust my trouser and continued my journey. I got to her house, knocked on the gate
G.keeper: na who I be??
Me: its me johnbull
G. Keeper: Kai I be johnbull. who I dey look for
Me: kelly
G. Keeper; who I be to Kelly
Me: abeg open this gate why you dey ask all this questions you be police?
G. Keeper: Kai Walahi I dey mad
Me: maybe you are mad because you are behaving like one
Kelly heard her gate keeper exchanging words without some one, she quickly ran downstairs coming to the gate
Kelly: musa what is happening who is that at the gate??
Musa; I no no e say my name na janbu
Kelly: do you mean johnbull
Musa: yooowa
Kelly: let him in immediately idiot
Musa: sarry small madam
Musa opened the gate for me as I enter she hugged me tightly surprising me then I remembered what chinedu told me “be careful”. We walked into her fathers building which was a duplex ( it was my first time of going to her house) I sat on one of the chairs while she went to the kitchen to get something….. TBC… pls someone should call the register.

Episode 6 (S01)

I scanned the house with my eyes and I noticed that it was a duplex consisting of 5 bedroom, 2 sitting room 1 dining and a kitchen. The materials that was used in furnishing the house looked foreign and attractive including the wall clock. Kelly came out with a tray containing a 5 alive juice, 2 glass cups and a packet of short bread
Me: are all this for me
Kelly: (laughing) yes oo let’s eat together.
Me; no problem
After eating we went to the dinning to start the business of the day. After the teaching she was very happy because now she can draw lots of carbon chain. I check the wall clock situated in the sitting room and the time was past 6 I decided to leave and go help my mom pack her goods in the market. Kelly perked me which sent some shock into my spine. She gave me 500 naira for my transport I rejected at first but she forced me and I gladly collected it. She escorted me to the gate before she bade me goodbye.. I ran as fast as I could to the market because it was getting late. In no time I was at the market, I went to my mom portion for the tomato sellers, there was no good to park because she sold them all I was very happy and I can see the smile on her face. She counted her money for the day and we went home………. This was how life went on and it was two weeks to my waec exam….
In mr udoh’s office
Mr Udoh; Adam johnbull you are the only student remaining to pay for waec or are you not writing waec
Me: sir its not like that, if I had the money I could have payed
Mr Udoh: so what are you insinuating
Me: sir pls just give me a week I will pay
Mr Udoh: that is your problem remember that you are owing the school 6 thousands naira and u will not be allowed to stay in school tomorrow now leave my office
Me: thank you sir
I walked back to my class confused and frustrated. I was unhappy throughout that day Kelly and chinedu noticed it and ask but I gave them no reasonable answer. Immediately I got home I thought of visiting one of my friend who lives in the ghetto he is into bricklaying job( after school). When I got to his house he was about going out when I narrated my problem to him. He assured to help me, he said he will beg his boss to accept me. I was very happy and we both went to his working site….. TBC…. Sb call d roster

Episode 7 (S01)

When we got to the working site they were building a bungalow. Ajara explained to his boss that I want to join them in the job, the boss agreed after giving me some terms and conditions and how much I will be paid as commission daily. We agreed on 750 naira per day and I will work from 5pm till 8pm . I joined them immediately in the work I started carrying block with Ajara and 2 other boys, when we were through we switched to mixing cement sand and gravel which we served to some men who were on a scaffold in the building wall. After working I was very tired and weak my back was paining me due to that was my first time of engaging In such work. I was already close to my house when I saw shade;
Shade: fool where are u coming from?
Me: what concern you
Shade: your mother is looking for you, one girl also came looking for you
Me: eh thank you I don here
(Shade is the daughter of our land lord.. She like feeling on top of the world)
I entered our compound and saw my mother waiting for me outside
Mrs Adam: johnbull my son where have you been..
Me: I went out to see a friend( I lied because if I tell her the truth she will stop me from going there)
Mrs Adam: a friend and you are coming back by this time be careful johnbull be careful
Me: I have heard you.
We went inside our apartment, I told my mum wat the principal said and she gave me a thousand note to give the principal. I kept the money together with the 750 I was paid making it 1750 naira in total.

**next day babisky high school**
I came to school as early as 7:00 am, I went straight to the principal office. luckily for me he was just coming
Me: good morning sir
Mr Udoh: morning can I help you??
Me; sir I want to pay some money for my school fee
Mr Udoh: how much is with you
Me:(stammering) 1700 naira
Mr Udoh what? Is that money? You are owing 6000 naira and you are giving the school 1700 naira
Me: pls sir that is what my mom gave me
Mr Udoh: give me the money(he collected the money forcefully)
I thought it was over, I went to my class and waited for assembly time

*** assembly time***
The assembly was going on while I was in my duty post. After the national anthem and pledge the principal mounted the school podium with a book in his hand.
Mr Udoh: the following students are debtors and should not be seen any where around the school until they pay up
***** ******
****** ****
***** *****
***** **** ****
**** ***
Adams johnson
**** ************
****** ****
TBC…… Roster plz

Episode 8 (S01)

*** Johnbull side of the story continues***

On hearing my name i was so sad, so this principal can be so heartless. I Walked into my class, picked up my bag and started going home. I was ashamed and full of disgrace because all eyes on the assembly ground were on me, when going home including my junior students. I saw the sad look on Kelly’s face when she waved me bye. Minutes later I was at home, the compound was so scanty only I and aunty vero was around because the door of her apartment was ajar. The house was really bored for me then I decided to wash some of my dirty clothes. I went to the back yard and started washing. I have not washed up to five clothes when I heard someone groaning slowly as if the person was passing through pain. I left my clothes immediately and went in search of the sound, I traced the sound and it was coming out of aunty vero room. I peeped through the window, to my greatest surprise I saw our landlord banging aunty vero like a lion. Jesus, I said to my self. How I wish I have a phone I would have recorded this scene. Anyway nothing concern me no be my mama.
I went back and continued my washing. After few hours I was done and decided to sleep a little. I was still sleeping when I heard a knock on the door.
Me: who is that??
????? : its me kelly.
Yeh what is this girl doing in my house, I cleaned the room ASAP and went to open the door.
Me: kelly what are you doing in my house?? , u suppose to be at school.
Kelly; is that how to welcome your visitor?? (raised eyebrow)
Me: ohh am so sorry come in.
She came in, while we sat on the mat I used to sleep because we no get chair for house.

Me; so tell me why did you leave the..
Kelly: I left the school because I was missing you secondly we were not doing anything.
Me: but you should have stayed.
Kelly: pls leave that. I brought you something ( handing me over a nylon bag).
Me: what is this??
Kelly: check it out first naughty boy(blinking her eyes)
Me: wow 2 meat pie and a plastic fanta. Thank you that’s nice of you, you are a darling.. We hanged each other as I munched my snacks.
Kelly: that reminds me ( putting her hand into her bag) take this ten thousand naira, use it to pay up your school fees. I want to see you in school tomorrow.
Me: where did you get this money?
Kelly:(frowning) what sort of question is that?.. Its my saving money
Me: sorry. Thank you very much for your generosity.
Kelly: don’t mention sweet heart. Me: hmmm sweet heart.
We continue discussing until it was almost time for me to go hustle. I escorted her to the road side before I bade her goodbye……… TBC….

Episode 9 (S01)

***from the last scene***

The next day I payed up my fees and started school again. Few weeks later I worked my waec fee. I was now a free man and not a debtor in school again. Kelly kept taking care of me ( monetarily). I saved some of the money she gave me to buy a phone(techno p5).
Life went on like that until we were done with our waec and valedictory service. High school was interesting and fun I really miss high school. My relationship with Kelly wax stronger we were now like husband and wive, she was also conversant with my mother, my mother treated her like her own daughter. Thing went on like that until something happened one faithful day
It was a sunny day, when the compound was scanty due to children are in school, workers are in there work place, market men and women are at the market. Only I and shade was at home, I was too bored then I decided to go to chinedu house… On getting to chinedu house, NEPA brought light, we played video game(play station 3) for four hours before NEPA took there power. Chinedu told me that he felt like going out, asking me where we should go, I told him we should go to Kelly. As my guy he concurred.

**Kelly’s house**
Knocking on the gate
Musa: who I be??
Me : its me johnbull
(opening the gate )
Musa: ahhh janbu welcome
Me: how you dey??
Musa: fine fine.
We walked into the compound heading to the door of the building, when we saw a saw a huge dark man coming out..
???? : who are you boys looking for??
Me: Good afternoon ermm ermm we are looking for Kelly
???? : who are you to Kelly??
Mechinedu; we are her friends

Kelly heard her father exchanging words with some people, she peeped through the window and saw it was me. She ran out immediately, adding pepper to the matter.
Kelly : dad leave them this is johnbull my boyfriend.
Kelly’s dad; what!! So this is the boy you have been giving my money
Me: no sir
Kelly’s dad: you are dead today, my daughter cannot mingle with poor people like you.
Kelly: dad!!! Stop it
I was overwhelmed by his words so my poorness is showing in me. (chinedu was shut of words)
Kelly’s dad : kabiru, bosco (Kelly dad boys, they came out immediately ). I want you to deal with this boys serious, flog life out of them.
On hearing this chinedu ran out of the compound quickly pushing Musa away. Kabiru and bosco held me immediately, tied me to a pole and started flogging me with thier koboko. They flogged me until my body was full of marks from the koboko.

Kelly is found at one corner holding her dad and crying seriously, her eyes were red and mucus was coming out of her nose…
Kelly ; dad plz stop this, do you want to kill someone else child ( running towards Me, holding Kabiru and bosco.)
Kabiru : oga this girl they disturb us ooo
Kelly dad: continue your job, if she hinders you flog her …… TBC……… Abeg coolvaller shey this man get heart??

Episode 10 (S01)

**continuation from the last scene**
‘ do your job if she hinders you flog her.
The boys (kabiru and bosco) pushed Kelly away while they continue flogging johnbull until he passed out.

**** 40 minutes later “****
Johnbull woke up sweating profusely and his cloth was fully soaked with water.

[colour=red]**johnbull side of the story continues**[/colour]
I woke minutes later, my body and cloth was wet, while my eyes were on a rotational motion. I could not find kelly nor anybody in the compound. I was very weak and tired, I managed to crawl to the gate side before musa came to open it for me ( telling me sorry and feeling pity for me in hausa manner). I left the compound walking helplessly to my house. When I got home I applied ointment to the wound in my body and slept off.
My mother came back in the night after a stressful day in the market. When she saw my body she asked what happened to me after narrating it to her, she started crying and lamenting saying if we were not poor we will not be humiliated. I hugged and consoled her giving her words of encouragement. She gave me some analgesic and central nerves relaxation drugs before I slept off.

***kelly side continues***
I did all I could to stop my dad but all my effort was abortive, rather he took me inside and locked me up in a room. I was still in the room crying until I slept off. I was in the room till 9pm before I was released through the aid of my mom, that same night my dad seized my phone, complicating the matter. I knew crying could not solve the problem, I just had to pray for my love that nothing should happen to him before I slept that night..
The next day chinedu went to johnbull house apologizing for running away in that critical situation, instead of standing by his friend and carry the burden together. Johnbull forgave chinedu, while they discussed other things.
One weeks later johnbull was back to his normal state all the sore was healed and he regained strength fully and continue his hustle.

**johnbull side of the story continues**
I was about entering the compound toilet to take my bath when shade approached me
“johnbull have you checked your waec result??”

” No is it out?? ”

Yeah my principal called my dad this morning to inform him.

OK thanks for the information I will check mine today.

I took my bath immediately, get dressed and started going to the cyber cafe. I was on my way to the cyber cafe grooving to “no kissing” by patoranking and sarkodie on my phone with my ear piece, when a police van approached me suddenly.
I heard am man saying that is the boy arrest him. I looked forward to the direction of the voice, I was surprise to see Kelly’s dad.

” leave me alone what did I do?? ”
” you have the right to remain silent for anything you say will be used against you in the law court”
(see Nigerian police they did not tell me my offense and they are talking of law court).
They took me into the van while I was sitting in between two police men with cuffs on my hand…

***police station****
They took me out of the van, directed me into the police station, demanding for my shirt, trouser, and phone. I gave them all they asked for, while they directed me to a cell(prisoners room).
In the cell I met three awful looking prisoners, they looked like criminals and I was a bit scared of them.
“good afternoon ”

” how you dey??” the first prisoner said
“am fine ”
” so wetin be your name sef”

” my name is johnbull”

“you dey mad??( the third prisoner said). We dey talk to you, you come dey speak grammer”( coming to slap me)

” leave am leave am, the guy na our guy(first prisoner). Make I officially introduce my self. Na me be ratata the only rattling snake, na me be the commander here”…
I could see his big tooth..

” (second prisoner) na me be pato aka pat the tiger.. You fit ask about me. You see this mark for my head, no be parting na cutlass do am… You see that guy wey wan slap you na him be koded sneh ”

“OK I don here una no problem”

Ratata: wetin bring you come here??
Me: guy na my girlfriend papa oo because say I come her house the papa con talk say the girl dey spent all him money for my head. He beat me sha for im house that day, today the foolish man come arrest me.
Ratata: (laughing out loud) this your story dey ratatic ooo..
Sneh:walahi the story sweet..
Pato: guy noo lele we dey by your side..
See this criminals oo what did they have to offer me I said to my self……….. TBC…….

Episode 11 (S01)

**johnbull side of the story continues**
I was still in the cell when a policeman unlock the cell gate, asking me to come out. I was very happy (thank God I have been bailed) I waved Ratata, pato and sneh goodbye while I followed the officer. I was still walking with the police officer when he gave me a direction to enter a room I obeyed and enter the room. When I entered the room it was very dark with two other hard looking police men sitting and waiting for me. They gave me a seat, which I sat on.

“(officer 1) young man you need to be honest with us, because if you play smart, you will not like your condition”

“who is Kelly to you”. The second officer asked

Me; she is just a friend
Officer3: a friend!!!!!
( I received two hot slaps immediately )

Me:( tears forming in my eyes) sorry she is my girl friend( with the tension in me)

Officer1: good now you are talking… So tell us, when last did you have s-x with her??

Me: sir I swear I have not done that before..
Before I finished the statement I received two blows from opposite direction, which made blood to start coming out of my mouth..
Officer 2: answer you liar

Me: (crying out loud) Officers let me be honest with you I have not seen Kelly’s bra talk less of her panties.

Officer1: do you think we are playing with you here??. Give me the hot iron he demanded.

The red hot iron was given to him while he used it on my p-nis.
Jesus!!! I yelled…
Officer1: answer me now before I do something worst.
“I will confess,” I said out of pain.
Me: I had s-x with her two weeks ago ( I lied due to the pain I was passing through)..

Officers: (smiling) good boy
Officer3: now you are cooperating.
Officer1: now listen every thing you said has been recorded. We will give the record to chief tomorrow.

I was taken back to the cell, the other prisoners were surprised to see me back because they thought I have been bailed.
Ratata: guy wetin do you na….. I think say dey don bail you.
Sneh: (laughing out loud) the foolish guy they tell us bye, he no no say e dey go battle field. Lol.
Pato: guy take heart, God is your strength. All this stage we don pass am.
I snubbed them because I was in pain, blood and water was coming out of my p-nis, I was really feeling hot down there.

**Mrs Adams side of the story**
I came back from the market that evening but johnbull was not at home. I did not bother my self because that has always been johnbull’s life, being outside by this time of the day.. I prepared food that we are going to eat that night before resting a little bit. I woke by 9pm but my son was not back, I became scared. I went to meet some of my neighbors asking for johnbulls way about but they did not give me any reasonable answer. I even went to some of his friends house asking for him, but they did not see him. I also went to Kelly’s house, but there gateman told me that he has not seen him. When I got home still complaining that I did not see my son, some of my neighbors advised me to stay calm. Maybe he has decided to spend the night somewhere… I saw sense in there word, I went to sleep hoping to see my son the following day.

**Kelly side of the story**
My dad came back home that evening very happy, he gave me back my phone that he seized and told musa that he should allow me go anywhere I want to go. I was very surprise at that because it was a new behavior. At the same time I was also happy because I was going to see my love the next day. I went into my room immediately brought out one of my best cloth, and got it ready for the following day….. TBC

Episode 12 (S01)

**Mrs Adams side of the story continues**
10am the next morning I could not find johnbull this time around I was extra worried, I got dressed heading to chinedu’s house to ask if he has heard from johnbull. I was still on my way when I over heard some people by the road side discussing about a boy that was suddenly arrested by some police men yesterday. Out of anxiety I went to them asking for the boys names, they gave me no reasonable answer than to go to the police station and ask.

**police station**
“Good morning officers”

” yes morning can we help you??”
“officers please I came to ask if my son is here”

“wetin be your son name”

“johnbull sir”

“ohh that stupid boy na ya son” the second officer said

” my son is not stupid”

” (first officer) madam you no fit see that boy until chief instruct us to”

“which chief are you talking about?? ”

” chief nnajiofor”

” but what did my son do?? ”

“officer 2: madam comot for here, we are not ready for this your questioning and answer”

“pls officer let me see my son”

” officer 1: (raising his voice) madam get away from hia.. Abeg segun give me that gun..

I ran out of the station immediately, those officers are not ready to help me.. I went home preparing to visit chief nnajiofor (Kelly’s dad).
**Kelly side continues**
I woke up that morning feeling very happy… (I was dreaming of my love).. I waited for my parents to go to work before I embark on my journey to my johnbull house, so that they will not trace my movement. Hours later my parent left for work, I wore one of my best clothes, shoe, boarded a taxi to johnbull house.
On getting to his compound I saw his mother boiling in anger immediately she saw me.
“what are you doing in my house??, you witch”

“ma am not a witch, I came to see johnbull to ask for forgiveness for what happened in my house the other day”

“you still have the gut to come here after what your money miss road father did to my son, that one is by the way. Did you know that your father locked my son up in the police station since yesterday”

” ma I did not know anything about this”(confused)

“I am coming to your house this evening, your father will see my evil side today”

“ma pls don’t come to my house, That’s even what I came to tell johnbull. Pls my father can be crazy, to avoid any unforseen event pls don’t come”.

I left the compound, hurried back to my house. To my greatest surprise, when I got to my house I saw my fathers car in the compound, I became angry, instantly I turned evil(you could see the evilness in me). I went up stairs heading to his room with red eyes, when I heard him talking to someone on phone. I pause, deciding to stay back and hear what the phone call is all about…..
“inspector Thats very good of you, just send me the record”


” I promise you the money. I will send it to your account tomorrow”

“** ************************** ********”

My dad: the inspector will send the record soon
Unknown person(in the room): Ok he should hurry up.

Who is that person inside the room with my dad could that be my mom(I said to my self). Few minutes later I heard the notification pop sound of my dad’s phone.
My dad: the record is here
Unknown person ; Ok play it at once..
My dad played the record
My dad: you see it I do not trust that boy..
Unknown person: so this boy has slept with my daughter.. I will kill him.
So my mom is also part of this. I got more angry(uncontrollable) and barged into the room. They where when they saw me

(crying)”dad why are you such a wicked father??? Why did you hate this boy so much, is it because he is poor. Dad I love him can’t you understand”

“shut up, what did you know about love he is not the right man for you” my mom said,

” I am not talking to you mom. Now let me ask you assuming your parents did not allow you to marry dad how will you feel”
(she was shut of words)
“dad I want you to call the officers now to release johnbull”

“never!! I will not do such a thing, he will remain there and die”

“Ok no problem, no problem(steping backward slowly) I am going straight to the kitchen to get a knife and stab my self so we can die together)
My mom fell on the floor begging my dad as soon as she heard that word.
” pls my husband, release the boy do you want to lose your only daughter because of a boy. She is right at least you don’t have a son, why don’t you take John as your son pls my husband ”

“fine I will release the boy immediately but for him being my son never!! ” my dad said angrily.
He pick his phone, dail the inspector number asking him to free the poor boy Immediately…… TBC….

Episode 13 (S01)

**Johnbull side of the story continues
I was talking and gisting with my goons when another police officer asked me to come out
“Johnbull!!! Come outside”the
officer said
Sneh:oya guy go take another round
Ratata: guy just take heart, nothing last forever.
Pato:(just laughing like mumu)

I came out of the cell getting prepared for the next round of torture. I followed the officer slowly but to my surprise we passed the dark room heading to the counter. The police officer gave me my clothes and phone telling me to leave the station
” oga you mean say make I dey go”?!?

“comot for here, you are a free man now”

“thank you officer”
I was very happy at the same time sad and weak, the injury they gave me on my p-nis was giving me a kind of unpleasant sensation. I gradually went because I was weak at same time very hungry.
**Mrs Adams side of the story continues**
After what Kelly told me I decided to stay back hoping to get a good information from her. I was washing clothes in the front of the building, when someone opened the compound gate. I looked up and it was my son johnbull.
“ahhh johnbull my son” I went to rug him.
Johnbull could not say any but holding his private region and groaning..
“what is wrong with you”??
(he fainted immediately)
Neighbors help ooo, some body help, help my son is dying.
Two neighbors rushed out at once aunty vero and shade.
Aunty vero : mama johnbull wetin happen again.
Mrs Adams: plz help me let’s take him to the hospital[/color]

They rushed johnbull to a near by hospital down the street…

**Konami specialist hospital**
Immediately we got to the hospital, two nurses assisted us, Giving johnbull a bed before going to call the doctor. Few minutes later a handsome looking doctor entered the room where we were giving a bed
Doctor : good day madam am doctor Ayis Eliboy, I just got informed that a patient was brought in here so I came to check on him. What is wrong with him.
Mrs Adams: doctor I don’t know, he just fainted holding his private region.
Doctor Ayis checked his private region and discovered a big sore there close to his testis.

Doctor Ayis: madam how did he sustain such sore…
Mrs Adams: doctor its a long story (Mrs Adams told the doctor all about the police issue, but could not trace how he got the sore)
Doctor Ayis: am really sorry ma maybe he was tortured and the police men gave him the wound. Mrs Adams : I think so
Doctor Ayis: nurse Jane pls get me **** ********* 5mg, ******* 3mg, ******* injection and a **** ***drip.
Nurse Jane: OK doc.
Doctor Ayis: madam you don’t need to panic, he is in a coma now its normal for that kind of injury. But he will soon be awake soon.
5 minutes later nurse Jane was back with every thing doctor Ayis requested. Doctor Ayis injected some drugs into the drip and fix it to johnbull’s hand before leaving the room promising to come back later.
Aunty vero and shade stayed with us for some time before going…

[ B ]

***next day @ konami specialist hospital**

Mrs Adams side continues
I woke up as early as 6am that morning, hoping to see johnbull awake but he was not awake. By nine am same morning doctor Ayis came to check on him
“Mrs Adams plz if he wakes up notify me immediately”

“but doctor when will he wake?? ”

” you don’t need to worry he will wake any moment from now”

” OK doctor I will let you know when he wakes”
doctor Ayis left the room while aunty vero and shade came in few minutes later..
” ahh Good morning ooo” Mrs Adams said

“(aunty vero) how una dey?? Johnbull nko”

” ah he never wake up oo doctor say he go soon wake up”

“ha OK, just dey pray for am ooo.

” shade how are you? ”

” am fine ma. My daddy said I should greet you”

“OK extend my greetings to him”

” mama johnbull abeg manage this food wey I bring come”(giving Mrs Adams a nylon bag)

“thank you ooo. God go bless you”.

They gisted a little before aunty vero and shade left for the market………… TBC…….

Episode 14 (S01)

**konami specialist hospital**
exactly 2:45pm

johnbull was found on the hospital bed sneezing continuously due to his sneezing Mrs Adams woke up suddenly from the plastic chair she was sleeping on..
“doctor!!, nurse!! Doctor!! ” Mrs Adams yelled out.
Doctor Ayis came immediately with three other nurses Jane, hauwa and kemi..
Dr Ayis used his stethoscope to check johnbull heart beat and other things.

Dr Ayis: mrs Adams your son Is awake now, he needs something energetic now.. Due to the medications he received.
Mrs Adams dashed out of the room immediately, to get johnbull a lucozade and glucose D. Few minutes later she was back with the items, this time she was very happy because johnbull was sitting down on the hospital bed. She opened the lucozade assisting johnbull to take it. Johnbull finished it in 20 secs, while the doctor Instructed her to mix the glucose D with water and give him..
When everything was in control the doctor and the nurses left, the doctor promise to return in some hours with the result of the test he conducted on johnbull….
4:30pm, konami specialist hospital
Johnbull was seen lying down on the hospital bed and receiving treatment from a drip in room 3, mrs Adams sitting on a chair in room 3 feeling happy because her son is finally awake, a doctor Ayis was found coming out of his officer with a file that looked like a lab report book heading to room 3.
(Dr Ayis opened the room door)
DrAyis : good day mrs Adams.. How is he doing??
Mrs Adams : we thank God finally he is awake.
DrAyis : this is his test result that was conducted on him
Mrs Adams : doctor how is it?
DrAyis : the test is very good, the result shocked me because where he was given the injury was in his testis, at first I thought he was going to be impotent for life but to my surprise the test is showing that he is potent..
Mrs Adams : thank God, that is great. So doctor when are we going to be discharged??
DrAyis : tomorrow afternoon, when his medication is complete. That reminds me, his erection will be low now, so I advise that he should abstain from sexual intercourse.
Mrs Adams : doctor don’t mention, he won’t do that he is still a virgin.
(johnbull smiled a little on hearing that)
Dr Ayis left the room while a nurse came in to give Mrs Adams a bill. When the nurse was gone, Mrs Adams still kept her gaze on the bill.

mum why that look is anything wrong with the bill?”

“our bill is 12 thousand naira and what I have is only 5 thousand naira”

” don’t worry go home and check my box of clothes you will see 10 thousand naira, use it to settle them”

“johnbull are you for real? and where did you get such an amount of money? ”

“(laughing) well that my savings. I forgot to tell you am into bricklaying job, so I am saving the money for university”

“that really good of you.. OK let me be going. Take care of your self”

“OK mum. See you”

few minutes later John bull’s phone was ringing, looking at the caller it was no other person than chinedu.
“my mathematician how far na” johnbull said

“father chemistry I dey ooo. Guy where you dey na since five days now I never see you wetin dey sup ”

“guy you no go understand na long story”

“cut am short”

“just ball come konami specialist hospital room 3”

“e don reach hospital matter.. OK no lele I dey on the move ”
**Kelly side of the story continues**
throughout the day I have been going to johnbull house to and fro but I could not find anybody including the neighbors, the compound was deserted. 5:26pm same day an idea came to my head to go and ask chinedu if he knows johnbull way about. Minutes later I was in front of chinedu’s compound.

Gate keeper:who is that??
Me: its me Kelly
(he opened the gate while I came in)
Gate keeper: who are you looking for
Me: chinedu
( we were still talking when chinedu was bouncing out of the building)
Chinedu : hey Kelly what are you doing in my house??
Kelly: plz am so sorry for what happened in my house the other day, my dad can be crazy at times.
Chinedu : Collins!!
Collins: sir
Chinedu : do not allow this girl enter this compound again else you know what my dad can do.
Collins : sorry sir oya madam get out of this compound (pushing Kelly out)

I was pushed out of the compound (no one has ever done such a thing to me). Chinedu boarded a bike leaving me….
**konami specialist hospital 6:21pm**
chinedu side of the story

the bike man dropped me in the front of konami specialist hospital, a very known hospital in the area.. Its my family hospital. I entered the hospital heading to the reception.

Me: good evening, I greeted the nurses in the reception.
Nurse 2: chinedu how are you(the fair looking nurse Jane recognized me)
Me: am fine ma
Nurse hauwa : (another sexy looking nurse) plz who are you looking for??
Me: errm am looking for my friend johnbull
Nurse hauwa; ohh johnbull. Just go left move a little and turn to your right room 3.
Me: OK thank you very much.
I went according to her direction in no time I located room 3.
(opening room 3 door)

” father chemistry (I said to johnbull)”

” my mathematician”

” guy wetin do you… So na that small flogging for Kelly papa house na im you land for hospital”

” guy no be that one ooo ( johnbull explained to chinedu every thing that happened)
“ehyaa sorry. Wetin they werk Kelly papa sef. Any way na you cause am I tell say make you dey careful with that girl, but you no gree”

” na now I understand ooo. I don learn my lesson”

” Kelly come my house today, my gateman push am comot ”

“lol.. I trust you”

“guy that reminds me on Monday principal talk say make we come school say fabulousvicky enterprise company go give scholarship to the student with the best waec result”

“that good. Me never check my waec result maybe na that Monday I go check am cos na tomorrow Saturday they go discharge me and Sunday cafe no dey open”

“OK no p na”

” how your waec na”

” make sense sha”

“how many a1”

“guy na just one oo for mathematics ”

“I trust you my mathematician”

We discussed further till my mum return. She came with a flask of rice which me and chinedu wacked before he left.
The following day, my mum made the complete payment of 12 thousand naira for my hospital bill.
12:26pm same day, Dr Ayis came to inform us that I have been discharged. My mom packed our belongings in the hospital, we left the hospital and boarded a taxi home. Immediately we got home almost all the neighbors came out to welcome us.. The hugging was too much that I decided to go inside and rest a little while my mum was still outside gisting with some of the neighbors. Minutes later she came inside to inform me that she is going to the market to sell the remaining tomato and pepper that she had to prevent spoiling secondly its a Saturday.

15 mins later
I was still sleeping when I heard someone knocking on the door, I stood up sluggishly to check who it was………. TBC………… Coolvaller plz who will that be…

Episode 15 (S01)

from the last scene

I woke up sluggishly headed to the door to check who it was, I opened the door and I saw Kelly kneeling down in the front of my door.
“johnbull pls am very sorry for everything my dad has done to you, pls forgive him for my sake”

“are you through??. So why are you here? ”

” I came to apologize to you”

“OK I think you have done that, you can now go”(forming hard guy)

“are you sending me away? ”

” look at my hand what can you see”

“a plaster padded with wood”

” good am just coming back from the hospital because of you, hope you know that your dad locked me up in the station and I was nearly killed there due to the torture I received. Pls Kelly I love my life and I don’t want to lose it pls get out of my house”

” but am sorry. OK my dad will not do that again I promise”

“get out of here get out!! ”
( I closed my door and went inside)

Minutes later Kelly left the house with tear in her eyes boarded a taxi and went home.

**johnbull side continues**
Minutes later she left the house, but my mind was not at rest due to the way I treated her. Fortunately for me NEPA brought light, I quickly ironed the blue shirt am to use to go to school the following day. When I was done ironing I came out of my house to look around the compound when shade approach me.

“johnbull who is that girl that came to visit you? ”

“oh that girl.. She is my class mate”

“really so why was she crying while going home? ”

“was she crying ”

“yes she was. Why will you leave that beautiful girl to be crying? ”

” I don’t know oo”

“wait johnbull, u sure say you never do collabo with that girl, maybe that’s why she is crying”

” you are very stupid abeg comot for road joor ”
(shade can say rubbish for africa).
Monday morning
I woke up a bit relief, but I was feeling better than the previous day. I brushed my teeth, took my bath and ate my break fast(bread and tea). I wore the blue shirt I ironed with a chinos trouser and a versace Pam, looking posh and handsome. (chai babisky high school go hear am today). I went out of the compound, boarded a bike to school.
babisky high school
I was not that late, so many cars were in the school compound that is many parents came for the program including parent that their kids have passed out from the school. I was still walking when I saw three of my class mate Joy, Peter and Yvonne.

“oga nla (boss) longest time”

“no see. How you dey na”

“we just dey manage”

“(joy) johnbull you have forgotten about me abi”

“Noo is not like that I have been busy”

“wow thats good”

” Yvonne see as you throw face like say u no no me again”

“(killing smile) don’t mind me joor”

“guys let’s go to the hall they will be waiting for us”(Peter said)
We walked to the hall containing about 485 people, then we located our seat that was meant for the scholarship student. The hall was clothed with banners of the scholarship (fabulousvicky computer enterprise company yearly scholarship).
I was still scanning the hall when someone sat on the vacant seat beside me. I looked at the person and it was Kelly. Jesus!! see this devil oo I said to my self. I stood up immediately, thank God I sighted chinedu, I went to meet him because his row was vacant(only him was sitting on that row)
“father chemistry wetin dey sup”

“(panting) guy na Kelly oo, she com sedon near ”

” ahh for this parent, teachers and student program. That girl and her papa wan set you up ”

We continued our discussion until a young man from fabulousvicky computer enterprise company mounted the podium in the school hall.
FCEC young man:
Good day ladies and gentle men, proprietor, principal, teachers and student my name is osas, am one of the representatives of fabulousvicky computer enterprise company, we are happy to be in babisky high school this year. Our motive coming to this school is to give scholarship to three students with the best waec result to the university. The first position is going to be given scholarship to Madonna university Anambra, the second person will be give scholarship to bowen university while the third will be given scholarship to any federal university of his/her choice in Nigeria.
(the whole Congregation applauded him).
He left the podium while another female rep climbed.

Female rep:
Good day ladies and gentle men my name is lara and a representative of fabulousvicky computer enterprise company. We have gone through the result of student who wrote waec in babisky high school this year and have decided to give three of the student scholarship to various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. I call upon the principal Mr udoh to assist call the names of the students……… TBC……..

Episode 16 (S01)

from the last scene, babisky high school
Lara called on the principal to assist her call the names of the student.. As Mr Udoh stood up walking to the podium, the whole congregation applauded him.. Thank you very much, lara said to the principal.
The third position who will be given scholarship to any federal tertiary institutions of his/her choice goes to..
(the hall was as silent as a grave yard).
(miss lara giving Mr Udoh an envelop to call the name)

Mr Udoh: the third position goes to no other person than mark Benson onochie with three a1, five b2 and one b3…
Onochie walked out to the podium with his mum mrs mark to collect his scholarship documents (the whole congregation was applauding seriously).
Miss lara: the second position who will be given a scholarship to Bowen university goes to..
Mr Udoh: tokunbo joy fadeshewa., with four a1, five b2.
Joy came out with her parents
To collect her scholarship documents…
The hall was becoming noisy and crowdy because of the first position announcement. I was becoming nervous, I don’t even know my grades and I kinda need this scholarship.
Silence every where a teacher announced.
Miss lara: the ultimate winner who will be given scholarship to Madonna university and also happen to be the best waec result in *****state, with seven a1 and two b2..
My Udoh : the scholarship goes to Adams osamagie johnbull…
( a hectic shock ran down my spine)
My mum is not with me, so who will follow me to get the document I said to my self. I summoned courage, walking to the podium alone but to my surprise, I saw chinedu’s father and the proprietor of babisky high school coming out also headed to the podium to represent my parent ( I was over excited) they helped me in collecting my document. Meanwhile the hall was already scattered, I received so many hugs and hand shake, I was also crowned babisky high school best student so far my name was written boldly on the school wall(Adams osamagie johnbull aka father chemistry, legend of babisky high school). I received so many gift such as money etc.
After many hours of celebration I was about going home when Kelly drew my attention. She took me to the back of a vehicle parked in the school compound
“sweet heart how are you”

” who is your sweet heart. Pls why did you bring me here”

“congratulations for your scholarship. My mum was happy with”

“so what concern her with my scholarship?? ”

” what is wrong with you?? OK see my mum is in support of the relation beside she has deleted the record”

“oh the police record?? Really ”

“she did that yesterday”

” OK thank you am not interested again”
I left her there finding my way out of the school and mounted a bike home. When I got home my mum was yet to come back, for me to break the good news to her. An hour later my mum came back I approached her immediately.
“mum good evening. Guess what ”

“son my head is aching I can’t guess now”

“okk, mum I was given scholarship to Madonna university to study any course of my choice ”

“do you mean the Madonna at anambra or which Madonna”

“yes the Madonna at anambra”
(My mum fainted immediately)
Me: mum! Mum! (I tapped her but there was not respond).
I dashed out of the house, got a taxi man ( I don’t want to involve the neighbors). The taxi man assisted me in carrying my mum to the taxi while we left for konami specialist hospital.
**konami specialist hospital 6:34pm**
The taxi drove into the hospital compound, I went to meet the nurses at the reception to assist me bring my mum in. They came out with a stretcher, carrying my mum to the emergency ward while I settled the taxi man.
When I was done settling I went into the hospital when a nurse approached me.
“young man pls wait at the reception your mum is being taken care of”

“OK thank you ma”
I obeyed her and sat on a chair in the reception. Not quite long my phone started ringing looking at the caller it was chinedu. (sliding the green side of the phone)
” how far? ”

“father chemistry am alright, so how is your celebration going? ”

“guy not too fine my mama dey hospital now ”

“wetin com happen ”

” I told her about the scholarship and she fainted”

” thats bad. Which hospital are you in??”

“konami specialist hospital”

“I will be there in a jiffy”
I was still in the reception when a nurse came to meet me.
“young man you have to pay a deposit of 35 thousand naira before we touch your mum”

“OK thats not a problem”
I gave her 40 thousand which was part of the money people gave me as gift earlier that day.

“nurse jane pls you guys should take care of my mum very well. How is doctor Ayis ”

“doctor Ayis went on leave yesterday, but will be back in two weeks time”

“so which doctor is taking care of my mum now?!”

“oh doctor Ben and frankkay”

“OK thanks ”

I sat back waiting patiently for good news from the doctor. 15mins later chinedu was in the hospital.
” guy any progress” chinedu said

” not really I just deposit money now for her treatment”
We were still talking when doctor frankkay walked into the reception, coming to me.

” you are Johnbull right” doctor frankkay said.

” yes doctor. Any problem”

“hmmm not really sit down. Its just that your mother was diagnose of a cardiac shock and she need to be operated immediately because blood is not flowing freely through her atries . Else she might die”

” doctor what are you waiting for do that immediately”

” calm down its not done like that the 40 thousand naira you deposited, you have to add 60 thousand to it that’s deposit, then you sign some document. Then when we are through with the surgery you pay the remaining 80 thousand ”

“(Jesus where do I get such an amount of money) OK doctor just take care of her I will see you soon”

“no problems” doctor frankkay said.
While Johnbull and chinedu dashed out of the hospital immediately…… TBC……

Episode 17 (S01)

from the last scene
The two boys were still running when one of them chinedu stopped the other johnbull.
“(panting)guy where are we running to”

“chinedu I don’t even know. But where can I get such amount of money as deposit not even full payment”

“hmm that’s true oo but I have an idea”

“pls spit it out”

“why don’t we go to my house and tell my dad I believe he will help matter, because after today you may not see him again till next year because he is traveling tomorrow”

” that’s true oya let us be going”
Ten minutes later johnbull and chinedu was in chinedu’s house, while chinedu went to talk to his father.

“johnbull sit down wait for me am coming. Amaka pls keep him company” he said to his sister.

“johnbull pls is anything the matter?? ” amaka asked

” its nothing much why do you ask? ”

“look at the way the both of you are panting”

“(putting up a smile) don’t mind us. So what are you doing??”

“am reading, am having government test tomorrow”

” that’s very good”
“johnbull come up stairs. Amaka continue reading your book ” chinedu said from the stairs leading up to the second sitting room.
I climbed upstairs immediately to meet him, his daddy was sitting down on a chair while the both of us sat on the one adjacent to him.
” ermm johnbull, chinedu has told me everything. Which doctor is on duty?”

” doctor Ben and frankkay, but it was doctor frankly that told me of my mum’s illness”

Chinedu’s dad pick up one of his phones(Nokia lumia precisely) and dialed frankkay’s number.
” hello am I speaking with doctor frankkay konami specialist hospital”

(from the back ground )” yes”
“Okk this is mr Eze you are speaking with”

“ohh good evening mr Eze, how are you? ”

” am fine. Pls how is mrs Adams”

” mrs Adams?? Do you know her”

“yes am a family friend ”

“OK well we are trying our best but she need to be operated the earlier, to prevent her from dying”

“that’s no problem you know am a share holder in konami specialist hospital. So I beg you do the surgery immediately.”

” their is no problem sir we will prepare her for surgery immediately”

” thank you.. Her son is coming down to the hospital”

“no problem” doctor frankkay said…
Johnbull I have spoken with doctor frankkay they are starting the surgery this night so you need to be in the hospital. Take this(giving johnbull 10,000 naira) use I to eat and transport your self, take good care of your mum, I will be traveling tomorrow take care.

“thank you very much sir”

” don’t mention. Chinedu escort your friend outside to board a bike”
Chinedu escorted me down the street where I boarded a bike.
konami specialist hospital 9:53pm
The bike dropped me at the hospital while I located my way to the reception, when I got to the reception I only met nurse hauwa on the counter(she was on night duty)
” good evening nurse hauwa pls where is my mum?? ”

“ohh your mum, the doctors are preparing her for surgery”

“can I go and see her?? ”

“there is no need for that”

“OK thanks”
(by the way doctor ayis is a gynecologist, frankkay a cardiologist and doctor Ben an ordinary surgeon), so doctor frankkay should be the rightful person to do the surgery.
Minutes later a nurse came to the reception to tell me that the surgery has started. I looked at the wall clock and the time was 10:20pm at this time I was feeling a bit dizzy.
10:50pm I have not seen doctor frankkay I was a bit worried, I was lost in thought when a call brought me back.
“father chemistry how is it going”

” no respond oo it seems they are still in the theatre ”

” OK just take care I will call you back”.
11:00pm there was no still sign of the doctor coming out even nurse hauwa was not in the reception again. This time around my eyes were heavy that I did not know when I slept off…
konami specialist hospital theatre 12:45am two doctors and three nurse were found.
” what went wrong her heart is not beating, no pulse” doctor frankkay said

“let me check her blood pressure” Ben said
” her blood pressure is even high”

“ben f--k the blood pressure and get me an oxygen”frankkay said.
The theatre was getting noisy, everybody running helter skelter…….. TBC……

Episode 18 (S01)

from the last scene konami specialist hospital theatre
Doctor Ben went to get the oxygen while frankkay was doing what he could do. Few minutes later, Ben was back with the oxygen which was fixed to mrs Adams. Frankkay was done with the operation, while the nurses took mrs Adams to surgery ward( a place/room for operated people)
**johnbull side continues**
I was sleeping on a chair in the reception when I felt a tap on my body.
” johnbull how are you”

” am fine doctor how is my mum”

” she is very fine everything is under control”

“can I see her now?”

” no not now, she is still resting maybe tomorrow. Just continue sleeping tomorrow you will see her”

“OK doctor thanks”

” you are welcome”
next morning
I was waked by the noise of a patient probably a patient who had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. Doctor frankkay was about living the hospital by 7:45am when I approached him.
“doctor good morning, pls how is my mum doing?? ”

” morning boy your mum is doing fine, she just need to have some rest”

“OK can I see her? ”

“not now. Why don’t you go home and return later in the afternoon by then you can talk to her”

“Okk doctor”
I obeyed the doctor, went home to eat something. After cleaning, I took my bath and prepared what I and my mum will eat.. When I was through with what I was doing, I strolled down to chinedu’s house.
(chinedu’s house)
” father chemistry whatsup with you hope no problem? ”

“not at all”

“so how was the surgery? ”

“well according to the doctor the surgery was successful though I have not seen her”

“OK so when are you going to the hospital? ”

“hmm maybe by 1:00pm”

” OK I think I will follow you”

“no problem ”
After so much playing and talking, it was 1:05pm exactly when I told chinedu to tush up so we can go to the hospital.
In short duration we arrived the hospital(ksh), we were about approaching nurse kemi who was on morning shift when she told me that doctor frankkay was calling me. I and chinedu went to his office straight away. we were about knocking when we heard doctor frankkay and someone unknown to us talking in an unpleasant manner(arguing).
“Frankkay what is wrong with you, why must you leave the hospital?? ”

“sir I have been in this hospital since last night, I had to go rest a little”

” frankkay don’t I pay you… You are the only cardiologist here for God sake, you cannot just leave a patient who you operated in the heart, you needed to monitor her”

“professor konami, was it my fault that she ran into complications that other doctor in this hospital could not handle while I was away”

“listen to your self, now we lost the woman. Just go and pray that Mr Eze should still be a share holder In this hospital”
(professor konami stood up, about leaving the room when the frightened looking johnbull and chinedu came in. )

“pls doctor where is my mum? ” johnbull said

“ermm you guys should sit down”

” according to your story you said after breaking the scholarship news to her she fainted”

“yes doctor”

” I want you to know that the news caused a spark in her heart making blood not to pass through the atries. That situation has to be corrected through surgery, the surgery was successful but”

“but what doctor” the two boys said

” we lost your mum when I she ran into a complication while I was away”

Jesus the world has come to an end for me (rolling on the floor and crying like an infant). Chinedu and doctor frankkay tried to calm him down but all there effort was abortive. Minutes of crying and rolling on the floor, johnbull suddenly stood up and bounce on dr frankkay.
” I know you were not capable of performing a successful surgery. You doctors should stop deceiving people on surgery because any one that enters that theatre cannot come out alive” johnbull said angrily while dr frankkay’s bowed.

” where is my mum’s body”

, ” we have taken it to the mortuary,”

“why without my concept”

“we are so sorry its our law here when a patient dies we take him/her to the mortuary immediately”

“(with mucus coming out of his nose) which mortuary is that? ”

“KDB mortuary at isolo”
Chinedu held his hopeless friend, leading him out of the officer, to the reception and out side the hospital…… TBC……….

Episode 19 (S01)

Chinedu and johnbull boarded a commercial motocycle to the mortuary (KDB). When they arrived there, they met the mortuary attendance who took them to the body they were looking for. When johnbull saw his mothers corpse he could not stand it, he started crying vigorously and lamenting words like ” mum why, why did you leave me to surfer alone”

“you have finally made me an orphan, mum why did you go so soon”

Chinedu held him, consoling him telling his friend it shall be well. After so much crying and lamenting, johnbull and chinedu went to meet the mortuary attendance to discuss the payment.

“(sober voice) good afternoon sir”

” afternoon how may I help you”

” (chinedu took over) we are the owner of Mrs Adams corpse”


“so we came to ask how much we should pay monthly till we finally take the corpse”

“well konami specialist hospital has payed for that. So there is no need” the middle aged man said.

“Okk thank you very much sir”

“you are welcome”
chinedu side of the story
I and johnbull headed back to my house as soon as the mortuary Attendance told us that the payment has been taken care of by konami specialist hospital. When we got to my house nobody was at home amaka was yet to come back from school, I sat johnbull down and started talking to him
” guy you need to take things easy, you lost your mum that does not mean your life has ended. You are a man be strong, you have to plan thing for your self to succeed. This name Adams cannot just die like that you need to push it forward, you will still get married and continue the generation.
(johnbull was just nodding his head slowly).

“thank God you have a scholarship now you need to prepare your self and go write the entrance exams since its a private institute. In two days time am going to write my post utme in unilag”

“(in a low voice) thank you chinedu you are indeed a good friend, thanks for your advise. For your post utme thats good which course did you put in for”

“statistics and mathematics”

“thats very good of you.. My mathematician”

” father chemistry hope say you to go study chemistry? ”

” noo I will put in for petrol chemical engineering”

” I trust you, all join e still be chemistry”
The two boys where chatting and laughing before amaka came in, johnbull told amaka what happens, she felt pity for johnbull. Amaka prepared something for them to eat after eating, they played, gisted and had fun before johnbull retired to his house by 6:45pm.

johnbull side of the story continues
When I got home, when some of the neighbors were asking of my mum I told them what happened, some were shocked while some felt pity for me. I could not eat anything that night because of the situation of things, secondly I ate in chinedu’s house. Through out that night what happened from the moment I was given scholarship till present was just flashing in my head. I thought of how my life will be in the school, how I am going to survive. I decided to go to babisky high school the next day to ask Mr udoh how my process to the school will be, before I sleep off.
next day babisky high school
I was in the school compound by 10:23am, I looked at the school wall where my name was written it was more designed and colorful. I headed to the principal oficer (knocking)
“come in” a voice said from inside
I entered the office.
“good morning sir”

“ahh johnbull is this you”

(no na my remix* I said inwardly) ” yes sir this is me”

” how is your mum “??

“hmm, my mum”

“yes your mum, hope she is happy for the scholarship “??

“(I narrated to mr udoh everything that happened) that was what happened”

“this is really bad. Am so sorry johnbull just take heart God is your strength. So what brought you here”

“sir I came to ask you how I am going to go about my scholarship”

“oh the scholarship??. Hmm u have to go down to anambra to write the entrance exams then we will wait for the admission”

” so how will I go to anambra”

” I will assist you next tomorrow we are going down to anambra to write the exam, I want you to be here as early as 5:30am so that we can go to the park. I will buy the transport ticket today”

“OK thank you sir but when is the exams ”

“1st batch should be on Saturday, so we will travel on Friday and come back on sunday ”

“thank you very much sir ”

“you are welcome”
I left mr udoh’s officer happily, going home to prepare for my journey on Friday……. TBC…….

Episode 20 (S01)

from the last seen
When I got home, the compound was scanty as as I ual but shade and one of our neighbor bros jay was at home. I quickly brought out all my dirty cloth, slippers and traveling bag to wash. While washing, something came into my head which got me confused again (how will I bury my mum as poor as I am) will she be in the mortuary till I graduate, work and get money to bury her. This stuff kept disturbing me. The worst part is since I was born I have not seen any of my mum’s relation talk less of her parents, it is only my dad’s relation I have seen which after his death they never visited again. After washing I went inside my house to relax and think better. I was still thinking went a knock brought me back
(knocking x4)
“who is there” I said from the mat I was lying down on.

“its me” a feminine voice said

(hope is not shade that is disturbing me) I rosed up from the mat heading to the door. I opened to my uttermost dismay I saw Kelly standing in the front of my door (which kind devil be this)

“Kelly what again? ”

“so you can’t even welcome me into your house”

(I was really confused) “Okk come in”
She walked into my house
With her turkey gown, Italian made shoe and Michael kors hand bag(I could see that through the sense as sight).
“I heard what happened” she said sitting on my mat ” your mum died yesterday am so sorry for that”

“is that why you came here”

“yes I came to console you”

” do I look like a baby that you came to console me? ”

“johnbull stop it(raising eye brows) in fact am leaving”
She stood up going to the door she was about opening the door when I pulled her back.
” what!!! ” she said
I started kissing her hungrily before I knew it she responded to stimulus. We kissed for about three minutes before we fell to the mat, I zipped down her gown, unhooked her bra and was about fondling her breast when I lost motion it was as if someone poured me cold water on my head in a dark room. Suddenly I saw my mother in that dark room talking to me
“(echoing) son why are you such a stupid boy, you have seize to learn your lesson”
She then played a movie for me to watch I saw when I was beaten in Kelly’s daddy house, how the police men tortured me and gave me an injury. Immediately she disappeared and I regained consciousness physical.
I was hearing Kelly shouting sweetheart what is that, are you alright.

“(sweating profusely) what happened”

” you suddenly lost control and was speechless. Is this your first time doing this?”

“(panting) maybe we need to stop this immediately”

“why?. After u have gotten me in the mood”

” can’t you not understand I am no more interested”

“(frowning) you would have told me you were an impotent goat”.
She dressed properly, wore her shoe, took her hand bag and left the house. I was totally confused sweat was running down my body my cloth was even soaked. By 6pm that same day I went to bath, after bathing I balled down to mama nkechi restaurant since I could not cook well. After eating 2gig(2 fufu) with ogbono soup and one meat, I retired back to my compound. I got a bench cleaned it and laid on it to receive fresh air before going to sleep.

Friday Morning
Today johnbull is going to anambra state, he has to go wait for the principal at babisky high school so they can embark on the journey. Johnbull was found in his room at exactly 4:25am going through his Facebook account after that he made a phone call
“baba howfar naa? ”

“hope all is well”

“guy no lele, I come your house yesterday you no dey. I just wan tell you say I dey travel with mr udoh today to anambra”

“which mr udoh”

“how many mr udoh you know?. e be like say sleep still dey your eyes”

“OK I don hear go well”
(ending the call).
I took my small traveling bag, went out of my apartment and lock it with a padlock. I was scared of going out by that time, thank God immediately I left the compound I saw a bike man.
“(smoking cigarette) o boy where you dey go by this time”

(forming thick voice) oga carry me go ijoba street babisky high school”

“your money na 100 naira”

“oya dey go”

After 12 minutes ride we got to my destination, on dismounting the bike I saw mr udoh coming down to the school. I payed the bike man and went to meet mr udoh.
“good morning sir”

“johnbull how are you?? ”

“am fine sir”

“hope you are fully prepared with your books, clothes and writing materials”?

“yes sir”

“OK let’s go”
We left the arena and trekked to the park. When we got to the park all the passengers were complete except I and mr udoh, we entered the bus after taking some rounds of insult from the passengers. The driver waked the engine and our journey started. After six hours of our journey, the driver stop in a restaurant at benin and asked all passengers who want to eat, wee or deficate to do that now.
” if na hungry dey bust your dada go chop now oo, if na piss go piss, if na shit u wan scatter go do am now ooo.. I no go stop again till I reach Onitsha ooo” the driver said.
Mr udoh told me to come down so we can eat. (thank God I said in my mind) because I have not eaten since morning.
We went into the restaurant while the woman approached us

“una welcome oo. Wetin una go like to take”

“what do you have” mr udoh said

” I get ogbono soup(choi johnbull best soup), omoebe(black soup), omiukpoka. Vegetables soup, rice(all types) spaghetti, bread and beans”

“hmm give me rice and stew with two meat” mr udoh said

“brother what of you” referring to johnbull.

errm I wanted to eat ogbono but when I start curling it mr udoh may not like it, am an edo boy but I no to like black soup, OK what of bread and bean.. Ahh I remember one book I read at eli2xpensive library “hot beans” where he deficated on his body, no I won’t eat that(I said to my self)immediately I heard the woman shouting
“oga answer wetin you wan chop??”

“sorry madam give me fried rice and salad with two chickens and coke”
Mr udoh removed his glasses and looked at me…….. TBC……

Episode 21 (S01)

from the last scene
Mr udoh removed his glasses and looked at me.
“johnbull who is paying for this food? ”

“sir I don’t know, but you were the one that told me to come and eat”

“what did I request for rice and stew with one meat but you requested for fried rice, salad, two chicken and coke haba do you want to wreck me? You know we will still look for a hotel to stay at anambra”

“(laughing) no sir it was a sleep of tongue”

“madam give him same thing I ordered for”

“OK oga no wahala” the woman said
The woman brought the food and we started eating silently. After 10 mins of eating Mr udoh Paid the woman, and we dashed off to the vehicle and continued our journey.
Three hours later we were at Onitsha bridge, the river was very big though its my first time of seeing the river, only on television I do see it. In no time the driver arrived at there park in onitsha. We all came down, going to the back of the vehicle to take our luggage. I looked at my wrist watch, the time was 3:06pm
“so where is the school located? ” johnbull said to mr udoh.

” well it is located at okija(a place in anambra)”

“so where is okija”

“we will board a vehicle to the place”
We went to a place where okija vehicle was situated, paid and the vehicle accelerated. Thirty minutes later we where at okija. Mr udoh paid for a room in a hotel where we were going to stay till we go back to lagos. After resting for sometimes in the hotel, I called chinedu to tell him that I had reached my destination
9pm same day
I was reading seriously against tomorrow the d-day when a call came into my phone. Looking at the caller it was kelly
(I waited a bit before I answered it)

“sweet heart how are you? ”

“am fine”

“am sorry for the other day, something came over me”

“its nothing”

” I came to your house today but I did not see where did you go to”

“hmm I traveled to write an exam”

“for your scholarship? ”


“OK when will you come back am missing you”

“hmm, on Sunday”

“OK see you then”(she hanged up)
(Is not as if I love this girl oo but I love her.)
After so much reading I slept by 1am

Saturday morning the D-day
I woke up by 7am, brushed my teeth, took my bath and was ready to go to the school. After mr udoh ordered for food, we ate and headed to our destination. Ten minutes later we were at Madonna university, we dismounted the commercial motorcycle we boarded while we entered the school. In no time we located the admin officer after which mr udoh presented the scholarship document to them. After lot of questions and answers(which included my course of study) they redirected us to the examination hall. While going to the examination hall I was scanning the school, beautiful girls were all over, expensive cars were packed in the school, some owned by student. Finally we were at the exam hall meanwhile I was given a number in the admin office, which they demanded for in the exam hall.
I was given a seat while mr udoh left the vicinity. I arranged my mathset and other writing material on the table before a man dressed in a Reverend father attire walked into the hall(the school na catholic school)
Reverend father: Good morning student, you are welcome to the first batch of Madonna university entrance examination. No form of exam malpractice is allowed, if you are caught you will be relegated from the school thank you.
He left the hall while three sisters started giving the exam script.
“you have three hours for this exam. Your time starts now” one of the sisters said.
The hall was designed with cctv camera (men I gat to respect my self no side talk)
I opened the question paper which consist of four subjects English, maths, chemistry and physics.(obj) ********************************************************************
Two hours thirty six minutes later I was through with the exams(It was really cheap), I submitted and left the exam hall. I was still admiring the beauty of the school when mr udoh called my name
“johnbull! ”
(I sighted him immediately and walked to him)

“how was your exams? ”

“It was fine”

“was it hard? ”

“not really ”
He stood up from where he was sitting, and we started going back to our hotel. We arrived our hotel at exactly 12:14am while we prepared for our journey back to lagos the next day.
Twenty eight hours later I was in my compound at lagos, I did little cleaning because our(my mum is dead so the house now belongs to me) my house was dirty and dusty. After cleaning and washing I slept off ( due to my journey from anambra to lagos ). I woke up by 6pm that same day feeling very hungry and tired. I looked at my phone and saw 25 missed call 5 from chinedu, 2 from mr udoh and 18 from…….. TBC……….

Episode 22 (S01)

from the last scene
I checked my phone and saw 25 missed calls, 5 from chinedu, 2 from mr udoh and 18 from kelly. I called mr udoh first
” good evening sir ”

“evening where have you been? ”

“I was sleeping ”

“OK I wanted to know if you went home successfully”

“OK bye bye sir”
( I hanged up)
I also called chinedu but I do not want to call kelly. I wore my cloth, about going to mama nkechi shop to eat something when Kelly’s call came in

” honey pie where did you keep your phone? ”

“am with my phone ”

” so you ignored my calls”

” I was sleeping”

“OK are back now”

” yes some hours ago”

” good. My mum want to see you tomorrow at KFC the one at egbeda ”

“for what why did your mum want to see me..? ”

“meet her there” she hanged up
Why is this girl getting wild now adays, and why did she want to see me?. I left the compound, trekked to mama nkechi shop, when I got to mama nkechi shop I located a seat which I sat on before a girl came to attend to me.
“(baby voice) good evening sir, pls what will you like to eat”

I could not say anything I was lost looking at the girl. She captivated my heart and she is well endowed.

” sir (bringing back my attention)

“ohh sorry pls may I know your name? ”

“(smiling) my name is òlumma”

” wow OK give me rice any type with a plastic pepsi”
( she left while I watched her movement, She is really killing but she looks like a very young girl)
Minutes later she came back with a tray of fried rice and chicken with my plastic pepsi parallel to it. She kept the tray on the table and was about leaving when I called her back.
” pls can I have your number”

” why do you want to have my number”

” see I like you and I want us to be friends”

” sorry I can’t give you”
She walked out on me, leaving me speechless. I eat my food slowly observing the girl,in few minutes time I was done with the food while I made my payment. I went outside the restaurant, located a place to seat and wait for òlumma to pass by. I was still waiting when my landlord came to buy something in a shop close to where I was sitting.
“johnbull how far na… Wetin you dey do for here? ”

“I dey wait for person ”

” which kind person olosho? ”

” abeg I dey wait for one of my friend”

” OK e get something wey I wan tell you oo. You no say your house rent go expire next month”

” land lord I know”

“OK oo no wahala”
The land lord left while I kept on waiting for the girl that captivated my heart. I waited for her till 11:35pm when mama nkechi was about locking her shop while her workers were leaving for their house. I sighted òlumma and i went to meet her
” hello bae”

“(jesus) you scared me ”

“am so sorry, so where are you accelerating to”

” am going home”

” pls can you tell me your age”

” sorry I don’t tell strangers my age”

“am not a stranger”

“sorry I CNT tell you”

“pls I want to verify something”

“no no no”(shaking her head)

“pls should I knew down”

” am 16 are you okay with that now”

” thanks”

“what about you ”

“same age”

“OK good to hear”

“why are you working in a restaurant at your age or are an aspirant of the university”

“two many questions at same time by the way what is your name”

” am johnbull so tell me”

” hmmm well am an orphan I lost my parents at age 12, I had no one to take care of me my uncle took all my dad’s property and left me with nothing. I was moving from street to street to beg for alms until I met a man who promised to take care of me academically, feeding, clothing and shelter only if I give him sex three times weekly. I had no option than to concur at least I will be taken care of. Now am an aspirant of unilag, I came to this restaurant to work and get money to leave his house because I can’t be sexually abused again”

Her word melted my heart
” am so sorry but why will he do such a thing”

“that’s what he likes am not the only girl he does that to we are many”

“sorry(patting her at the back) so where do you stay”

” 12 son shine street at ikeja”

” Okk what of your digit”

” 0903482****”

” thanks I gat to be going now, that care ”

“bye(waving and smiling)
Chaii this girl is killing (I said to my self) I left her while she boarded a taxi. I went home happily that night.

I woke up the next day, did some cleaning, took my bath and prepared tea for me to eat
. While eating, my phone was singing out pana by tekno (that’s my ringing tune). Kelly again

“how was your night”

” it was fine”

” I just want to remind you of our appointment at KFC egbeda by 12 noon”

“pls tell me what is it all about”

“when you come you will know”
(she hanged up)
I finished my food, wore my customized nike top and a plane trouser with my Gucci Pam. I walked to mama nkechi’s shop to see my queen. I entered mama nkechi shop and saw her washing dishes at the back of the shop, I rushed immediately to help her
” sweet heart”

” when did I become your sweet heart? (raising eyebrow)

“leave that, let me help you and wash the dishes”

“Noo you will stain your self ”

” never mind my house is not far, I can go and change”
I started washing the dishes with immediate effect I was still washing when she asked me a sad question
“John _bull how are your parent, Hope they won’t get angry seeing you washing for me? ”
I paused and looked into her eyes

“am also an orphan, my mum died few days ago”

“are you serious”

” yes ”

” am so sorry, take heart”

“it nothing am ok”
I was through washing the plate while she helped me take them in. We had a long discussion until I convinced her to hang out with me in the night. Looking at my time it was quarter after eleven, I told her I was coming to pick her for the hang out while I left for egbeda……. TBC…………..

Episode 23 (S01)

I boarded a bus going to egbeda, getting to egbeda I started asking people for KFC. After so much illustration and direction, I got to my destination. I entered KFC building, on entering there I sighted kelly and her mum on a table. I walked to table and sat on an empty chair.
“good afternoon”

“afternoon my son”her mum responded

” johnbull how are you” Kelly said
I just ignored her
” pls why am I here ” I asked in vexination

” don’t be annoyed”
(a light skinned woman came to our table)
Pls get us 3 plates of chicken and chips and 3 soft drinks (Kelly mum said)

” I called you here to inform you that am in support of my daughter’s relationship with you, you are a tall and intelligent young man, I would like to have you as an in-law”

(I grinned while the waitress brought all Kelly’s mum demanded for)
“what about your husband Hope he will not harass me again”

” not at all”

” hmm OK I will think about it ”

“Its ok by me” kelly mum (Mrs nnajiofor said)
I could see the sad look on Kelly’s face because me thinking about it may not bring a positive result. We discussed further, but the discussion was getting bored because I was just thinking of òlumma. The urge to see her was increasing, I had to stand up telling Mrs nnajiofor that am leaving. She bought chicken for me as take away and handed me over 2000 naira
I thanked her and promised to give her a call. I took another bus backed to my arena, on getting to my street I saw shade who told me that a man has been looking for me that he is in the compound.. I hurried to the compound and saw a huge dark man waiting for me
“good afternoon sir I heard you where looking for me”

“are you johnbull ”

“. Yes is there any problem? ”

” ahh ovibiedo how are you.. I am your mum’s elder brother, I heard of the incident so I decided to come and take you so you will stay with me”.

” sir where do you leave?! ”

“edo state of course”

“I can’t go with you”

” why my son”

” I have a scholarship in anambra

” is that it I can pay your fee, their are many good secondary schools in edo state”

“sir am not in secondary school level.. Am about entering the university”

“hmm I see if you say so no problem. But has your mum been buried”

“no sir she is still in the mortuary ”

” I think I have to take her down to edo for burial and other rights. Let us go to the mortuary I will take her to edo this night”

“hmm ok let’s get going”
We hurried to KDB mortuary, took her body while my uncle hired a vehicle for the journey. We exchanged number and he gave me 5 thousand to take care of my self. I was a bit happy and sad (I miss my mum ). I took bike back to mama nkechi’s shop, and I went to meet òlumma.
“you are back” she said

” yes, so can we get going? ”

” ok.. Let me go and sign out for the day and change my clothes”

“no problem ”
Few minutes later she was back looking sexy and sweet

“so where are you taking me to? “olumma asked

“its your choice name it and I will take you there”

“really?. OK take me to Paris”
(we both laughed)

“Okk ozone will do. Let’s just go have fun”

“OK no problem”

We took a taxi going to yaba direct. Minutes later we arrived at ozone, we walked round ozone, took pictures while we bought ice cream and drum stick to cool off. After so much discussion, I got to know more about her, we watched movie and the rest of them. Finally we were at Ikeja where she stays (I had to escort her home) we talk a little before I bade her goodbye. I arrived my house at half past 11 in the night feeling so tired and weak in no time I was fast asleep.
next day
Its been a while chinedu saw me so he came to my house that morning
” boss wetin dey sup? this one wey you come my house this morning ”

“guy nothing ooo I just wan see you, e don te”

“hmm OK oo. Sit down na”(pointing at the bench I was sitting on)

“guy abeg escort me go mama nkechi shop”

“go do wetin you wan chop”

“noo e get this new girl wey dey burst my bololo dada, wey dey work for there”

“the girl go senior you abi”

“noo same age”

“hmmm ok make we go see am na”
We bounced to mama nkechi shop, immediately olumma saw me she hugged me firmly.
“how was your night” she asked

“it was fine and yours”

“splendid” she said taking me to the back yard while chinedu followed

“so what are you doing now”

“nothing much I wanted to sweep the backyard before you came.. Is that your friend” pointing at edu

“yes chinedu this is the girl I was telling you about”
Chinedu shocked hands with her.

” olumma get me the broom let me help you and sweep”

“thanks its my job I can do that”

“forget it, I want to help you”
She brought the broom while I started sweeping. After sweep, I told her we were going to see later while me and chinedu walked out of the restaurant.

“guy ibu ewu ” chinedu said

” what do you mean”

“see as you dey help girl sweep ”

” and so leave am no be your hand I dey use”

“funny guy. But forget the girl make sense, her front na im make pass”

” me get correct eyes to choose women”

” abeg I be wan collect her number ”

” number ke! To do wetin”

“guy cool down I just dey play”

“this your play is expensive”
I spent more of the day in chinedu house playing video games. At about 6pm I decided to leave chinedu house to check on my olumma to see how she was fairing. She was about signing out for the day when I approached her
“are you going home”

“yes am not feeling to well”

“am so sorry. Don’t you care knowing my house”

” maybe next time my head aches”

“its not far that compound with a brown gate”

“ok let’s go”

We got to my apartment thank God there is light

” this is where I and my late mum leaves after my father died. You are welcome” giving her a kitchen stool to seat on

“thank you” she said looking round the one room apartment
” do you have paracetamol? ”

” of course ”
I dashed to the cupboard to get it which she took immediately

“where do you sleep at night” confusing me with her question.

“here of course”

” I mean bed ”

“ohh well I don’t have a bed but I have a mat”

“pls can I use it, I want to sleep before going home”

” no problem”

I spread the mat on the floor, put a wrapper on it then I gave her a blanket to cover her self.. Few minutes later she was fast asleep….. TBC……

Episode 24 (S01)

it was 11pm when I looked at olumma she was still fast asleep. Am not sure she can go home by this time maybe she should sleep over(I said to my self). The blanket was not covering her chest well, her two oranges were showing, shinning like bricks of gold(she is fair in completion), tempting me to touch them. I controlled my self, shifting to the other side of the room where I spread wrapper and slept off. The next day I woke up before her, I tapped her to wake up..
She woke up sluggishly looking paled
” good morning sweet heart how was your night”

” did I sleep here over night ”

“yes it was too late, so I could not wake you up”

“well thanks I have to be on my way to Ikeja now to take my bath and change my undies”
I was expecting her to ask if I touched her (you know girls na) but she did not

“hmm OK no problem I will check on you at mama nkechi’s shop later in the day”
She took her handbag and left my house. I said my morning prayers, tidy up the room and washed some clothes. The day was far spent when a call came into my phone.
“hello who is this?? ”

” father chemistry you no even get my number, na me jide”

“hey jide how far na”

” am gentle abeg you fit come school today”

“con do wetin? ”

“basketball training they today”

“serious?. Is coach henry coming today? ”

“yes na him dey host the training”

“OK no p I go come”
I looked at the time it was quarter past three, I quickly went to my clothes box got a Milo basketball jersey which was given to me when I played for babisky high school in a Milo competition last year, wore my sneakers. I jogged down to the school, I no time I was at school. The basketball court was filled with present ss3 students, ss2 and some ss1, only few of the past out student were there. Coach henry came with two other coachers Impulse and ziggler(he has dread). We did some exercise to warm up our body, before he called us together.
” good day players you are all welcomed to todays training against the up coming lagos state schools basketball competition(LSSBC) which will be held at ogun. With Me here is Impulse an aspirant of NBA and ziggler a friend of mine who just returned from the united state. Today is gonna be a sort of screening for good players, but I already have some good players here who went for Milo last year such as johnbull, jide, fatai, Nelly and the rest of them”
The coach instructed all the players to be on a straight line, bounce the ball one after the other and throw it into the basket. We did that for a long time, before some people were screened out. Hours later we were remaining 20 boys, the coach henry had to stop the training because we were already tired, he told us to come the following day. I went home that evening very tired immediately I went home I slept off I could not even see olumma.
I was still resting when a whatsapp notification came in I checked it, it was a message from olumma and Kelly.
Olumma : handsome I did not see you again yesterday
I quickly replied her ” sorry I went for training yesterday ”
Kelly: hello… Are you through with thinking

“yes ”
She send another message at once.
Kelly: so have you agreed
Me: yes
Kelly; wow.. What a good new. Can you come to my house today
Me: what of your dad
Kelly: not to worry he has traveled to abuja for a business.
Me:OK I will come
Kelly : yes! Sending me kisses.
I went offline and started sketching a plan. My aim is not to be inlove with Kelly again but to pretend as if I love her and extort money from her mom and flea to Anambra{will this plan work}……. TBC…….

Episode 25 (S01)

from the last scene
I took my bath, got dressed and went to see olumma. Getting to mama nkechi shop all the members of staff were busy, because they have a birthday cooking project at hand. I whispered into olumma ear telling her I will be back. I went to Kelly’s house immediately but her mum was not around only her was at home. We were talking in the sitting room when her mum came in.
“son in-law you are already here, hope I did not keep you waiting”

“not at all ma, I just arrived few minutes ago”

“that’s nice” she said sitting on a sofa

“thank you”

“I heard you have made up your mind concerning the relationship”

“yes ma ”

“that’s a good idea son in-law”

“Kelly I think you guys should go to you room and talk things”

“that’s true mom” Kelly said grabbing my hand leading me to her room”
We went to her room, while we sat on her cool bed…
chinedu side of the story
Ever since I saw that girl olumma, I have not been my self. Day and night I find my self thinking of her, amaka and my mum noticed it because I was not feeding well again.

“chinedu are you sure you are alright” my mum said while we were eating on the dinning table

“mum am alright ” I said sipping from my glass of fruit juice

“mom I don’t think chinedu is alright, the chinedu I know can eat for africa but now he can’t even eat a spoon of food”

“prepare we are going to the hospital tomorrow, so the doctor can check you” my mum said

“mum am alright just let me be” I said living the dinning room.

I went to my room still thinking, I though for some times before I decided to see her the next day(you can’t blame me na ije love).
we were still sitting on the bed when she asked me a question

“do you still love me ”

” how can you ask such a question, you know I love you”

“really?? ”


“OK can you prove it to me”

“how?? ”
She looked into my eye holding my hand.
“show me love” she said pushing me down to the bed.

“Kelly take it easy (men fear dey catch me before my mama strike again)

“I need it now” she said reaching for my trouser and removing my belt. This time my heart was pound faster than ever, she was still in her seductive act when her mum rushed into the room

“Kelly stop!! Stop!!, your dad just called that his business trip to abuja was canceled, he is coming home now”
I pushed Kelly away immediately, buckled my belt, running out of the room(johnbull on the run).

Few minutes later johnbull was out of Kelly’s house, running home like who is been chased by a lion.
“mum what sort of rubbish is this?, why will dad cancel his business trip at this pleasurable point”

“sweet heart take it easy you will still come together with johnbull again, I will arrange that”
Kelly was still frowning profusely. Meanwhile outside the compound a taxi was seen dropping Chief nnajiofor. He knocked on the gate and musa came to open the gate.
” ooga welcome ” taking chief’s brief case from him

“musa how are you”

” ooga I fine well well”

“did anybody come to this house today?? ”

” ogaa walahi no body e come am for here today but na only janbu ”

“who is janbu?? ”

“ogaa u no no Kelly priend that one you dey plog kai e dey dance am for alanta”

“do you mean johnbull”

“yoowaa ogaa I get am”

“what did he come here to do”

“walahi I don’t know, I just see am dey running out of the house, dey fix am for belt”

” OK musa give me my brief case you can go back to your duty post”

“welcome ooga”

Chief nnajiofor when into the house with anger, immediately he entered his house he saw the wife in the sitting room and Kelly at one side frowning
“who came to this house today! ” he yelled angrily

“my husband what do you mean who came to this house today? Are we restricted from visitors” acting innocent

“did johnbull come here today”

“nooo what will johnbull be doing here”

Chief nnajiofor landed a hot slap on the wife’s face.

“that is for lying to me, unfaithful wife”

Tears dropped from mrs nnajiofor ‘s eyes, while she watched her husband climb the stairs leading to his room……. TBC…….

Episode 26 (S01)

Natasha is now brought to you by Oracle entertainment…..

johnbull side continues
On hearing the news that Kelly daddy was coming back to the house I was marveled, I dressed properly, running furiously outside the compound to my house to prevent story that will touch the heart. In no time I was in my house panting like someone who was chase by a lion. I decided to stay indoor for the rest of the day, neglecting my training because I don’t know what Kelly’s dad may be planning out there.
I was still praying when I heard a knock on my door
“who is that” I said frightened

“na me jide”
(I went to open the door)

“jide how far na ”

“I dea… Guy why you no come yesterday”..

“guy I go some where joor”

“guy e be like say you no wan go this competition”

” I wan go.. Which time be training again? ”

“this morning, today coach henry dey choose the fifteen boys wey dey go the competition”

“OK just wait for me make I baff”
10 minutes later johnbull was back, well dressed in his basketball kit, Jide and johnbull left for the school. After five hours of training, coach henry selected fifteen players to represent the school at the competition (including the captain of the team with jersey no5 johnbull). Later in the evening johnbull came back, feeling very tired and stressed down.
He called olumma telling her to bring food for him to eat, since he was so tired to come around.
Olumma came to his house by 7pm with 2 flask of food, one containing egusi soup and eba(cassava flask made with hot water), while the second one was containing coconut rice. She asked him to choose one, so she can eat the other
” I want to eat the two” johnbull said

” no problem you are free just eat, I want to discuss something with you”

“something like what?”

“eat your food first”

“I was just kidding, let me eat the soup while you eat rice”

(johnbull was opening the food when he asked a question)
“olumma, which tribe are you from”

“igbo imo state precisely”

“wow.. That’s good”

“what about you? ”

” am an edo boy”

After the both of us finish eating, then I raise the topic she was talking of before
“so what do you want to discuss with me”

(she came forward to me)”do you love me? ”

I was Astonished by her question
“do you love me?” johnbull asked backed

“you have to answer me first before I answer yours”

” Noo you answer me first”

“then keep waiting for my answer” she said living my house….
One week later after a hectic and vigorous training, we were to travel the next day for the competition. Coach henry discharged us(the players) by 10pm so we can prepare for our traveling the next day. I got home packed my cloth (mostly jerseys ) and all I needed for the journey, before I rested. Minutes later olumma called to inform me that she was coming to my house, I quickly arranged the room before she came
“sweet heart how are you doing”

(frowning)”am fine”

“bae why are you still angry with me”

“am not I just want to know who my heart belongs to”

The talk was fishy “are you seeing someone else”

“not really ”

” not really?. Bae I love you and your heart belongs to me”

(smiling)” OK I have heard you”
I drew forward from my resting point and pecked her on the fore head, I told her of my journey the next day while she hugged me. She told me she was going back to work while I escort her, I crossed my hand round her neck while we went out of the room. We were about leaving the compound, when Kelly popped into us unknowingly.
“so this is it, no wonder you suddenly hate because of this thing”Kelly said pointing at olumma
She continued” johnbull you are happy putting your hand over her neck, but if I try touching you, you will be vibrating as if you are a saint. Johnbull I hate you” she said leaving the compound.

“who is she?”olumma the lady beside me asked
I was dumb founded.
“that’s why I don’t trust boys” she muttered living me and heading out of the compound……. TBC…..

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