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Twins Adventure (Episode 1)

You can do anything but not everything
(David Allen)

A story of love, betrayal, lust, hope, regret, crime, in fact everything you can name

Two shadows of people could be seen under one of the many mango trees in the village.
The two is known as joy and chinedu the popular love birds in the village.

(Joy is a fair beautiful young girl of Ovurade village, in Nigeria, she is currently eighteen years old and just finished writing her waec exam. She had being orphaned from birth after loosing her parents in a ghastly motor accident.)

( Chinedu is a dark handsome guy,he also hails from Ovurade village. He is currently twenty years old and just finished writing his waec exam in Ovurade secondary school same school with joy.)

Chinedu :(singing) So I say a little prayer and hope my dreams will take me there, when the skies are blue see you once again my love…….

Joy:( Blushing] wow baby I didn’t know you can sing so well.

Chinedu : I guess you always bring out the best in me. (Suddenly turns serious) Tell me dear after the waec results are released what will be your next step.

Joy :(thinking) I don’t really know, you know my grand mom is poor, I think is better I look for a work or do some mini jobs and do for sometime to save up money to enter school, from then on God will handle the rest.

Chinedu :(thoughtfully) Is ok, I will be entering university next year.

Joy :(jokingly) so u want to leave me ehhh.?

Chinedu : No na how can l leave my love,(holding his chest) you will always be here with me.

Joy: Are you sure you won’t be snatched away from me by another high class girl?

Chinedu :That’s impossible.

Joy: (flirting) ok prove it.

As he goes forward to kiss her they both heard an angry voice near them


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